Friday, December 6, 2013

Better Late then Never....

So it has been a while and there has been so much progress.

We are at fixing and just now onto fitting off. The electrician and plumbers have started downstairs as painters have now finished and moved onto upstairs. A few things still to be done on the exterior such as painting, balustrades and battens. Internally just some plumbing and electrical plus the stone wall installation for the fireplace.

Every time I walk in I love it more and more. So here are some photo's my teenage daughter took this morning. External - loving how pretty it looks front and back.

The entry is looking great, I think it is welcoming. I am starting to think of rugs and console tables, loving Max Sparrow and Pottery Barn at the moment..... and yes, the front door will be painted white as well.

The powder room is located on the ground floor just off the hall... I still think I will wallpaper for some bathroom bling. The wallpaper is the same one I have been in love with all year. Everything looks like a scene out of CSI with the plastic, have to say the painters are extremely thorough. Underneath the plastic is a beautiful silver travertine in a French pattern... it's been used in all the bathrooms and balconies and will continue to be used externally as well.


I have more photo's but will load them on the gallery. However to finish off with my #homebeautiful #countryliving fireplace, this has been something we have loved since design conception.

The stone wall should be completed by Wednesday and will load the finish product.

Until then.